A New Era of Optical Measurement

Spark™4 by Shamir is a sophisticated electro-optic system based on 3D stereo vision technology and artificial intelligence (AI) which gives a complete picture of your patient.

Meet the Tool That’s Going to Revolutionize Your Eye Care Practice

Spark™ 4 by Shamir is a contactless device that delivers precise optical measurements in a fraction of the time.

The Spark™ 4 is based on 3D stereo vision technology and Artificial Intelligence which gives you a complete picture of your patient. Its camera system was specially designed by Shamir to capture uncompromising ophthalmic fitting measurement.

The Benefits of Spark™ 4 by Shamir for Your Practice

A Clearer Picture of Your Patients

Spark™ 4 by Shamir is a sophisticated electro-optic measurement system that can make your practice more efficient, reduce remakes, increase profit and improve new employee training. The device features 6 high-resolution, 24-megapixel camera sensors, the device can process 192 facial landmarks through normal glasses, coated glasses and sunglasses... even to varying to low-light conditions.

Fast & Friendly

With just one picture taken in a few seconds,

you get an automatic measurement of the PD,

then you can easily mark the points of interest to

complement all the required parameters: Frame

Box (A, B, ED), DBL, MPD, NPD*, FH from box, FH

from frame, BVD, Panoramic and Pantoscopic tilts.

All measurements can be continued after the sale.

Spark™ 4 by Shamir is so simple that all you need to do is to mark the points. Once the data is collected, it

can then be saved for ordering. Spark™ 4 detects

the patient’s face faster than before, due to a new

algorithm. This enables you to take a picture faster

- ensuring a more comfortable patient experience.

*Near PD is calculated not measured

Ease of Use

With Spark™ 4 by Shamir, you can take accurate images in seconds, and mark additional measurements with or without the patient.

Market with Modernity

The device is sleek, aesthetic and modern — and will show your patients that your practice is utilizing the latest technology in the industry.

Save Time & Effort

With a one quick-click image capture, Spark™4 by Shamir is able to take the complete range of measurements from PD to panoramic angle. This will help reduce remakes, maximize time and improve new employee trainings.

Bring Your Practice into the New Era of Measurement with Spark™ 4 by Shamir…

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